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CL009 Slit-lamp examination of the corneal endothelium.

Contact Lenses • 33s

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  • CL010 Fluorescein staining

    Fluorescein is an orange dye that fluoresces green when illuminated with a cobalt filter. Areas of corneal or conjunctival epithelial damage will exhibit fluorescein dye uptake and will appear bright green. This positive fluorescein staining will help to identify the extent and distribution of ep...

  • CL011 Fluorescein staining - Wratten ...

    Wratten 12 filters are yellow and absorb reflected blue light while transmitting green light. Fluorescein staining becomes more obvious.

  • CL012 Tear meniscus evaluation

    The tear layer is comprised of the outer lipid layer, middle aqueous layer, and inner mucin layer. The tear film can be stained with fluorescein dye and then observed with the slit-lamp for tear break up and tear meniscus height.