Optometry Webinars

Optometry Webinars

Optometry Webinars presented by Dr Frank Eperjesi - included in our monthly / yearly subscription.

Optometry Webinars
  • Webinar 007 - Non-organic Visual Loss

    I describe the benefits of being able to diagnose NOVL using simple in practice techniques without having to resort to referral and complicated time consuming testing. Developing a positive rapport with worried children who present with NOVL will help give them a way out of their ‘vision loss’ th...

  • Webinar 008 - Enhancing Children's Eye Examinations

    I describe the benefits of being able to screen for vision and eye health problems quickly and effectively using the Brückner test, controlling for accommodation without using ophthalmic drugs in order to determine refractive error accurately and checking for retinal and optic disc health problem...

  • Webinar 009 - Measurements in Children's Eye Examinations

    I describe the benefits of being able to measure grouped and single letter visual acuity, colour vision and stereoacuity in children.

    Use this webinar to help you get the numbers you need to check the accuracy of your refractive, to find colour vision problems and to give advice on career choice...

  • Webinar 010 - Children's Eye Diseases

    Use this webinar to help you get the skills and confidence to detect and manage this selection of children’s eye diseases. Understand what causes them, and what to say to parents. Do a good job with children and the others will follow. Build on your good reputation and boost your business.

  • Webinar 001 - Is it Marginal or Microbial Keratitis?

    You will learn how to make the differential diagnosis between these two conditions and how to manage each one. Marginal keratitis is not sight threatening and can be managed in practice. Microbial keratitis is sight threatening and has to be managed as an ocular emergency.

  • Webinar 002 - How To Use Reliability Indices For Visual Field Interpretation

    Patients often miss stimuli during visual fields testing. Working out whether these losses are meaningful and indicate the presence of a visual field defect or are due to an artefact is a difficult call to make. You will learn how to use reliability indices to assist you in deciding whether to re...

  • Webinar 003 - Refraction Advice - How To Get The Best Possible Results - Part I

    This will help you increase your confidence in making small prescription changes, provide the best glasses for your patients, reduce your number of rechecks, and protect and enhance your reputation.

  • Webinar 004 - Refraction Advice - How To Get The Best Possible Results - Part 2

    I describe hints and tips on determining and recording the visual benefits of small new prescriptions and small changes to existing prescriptions so you can be confident in prescribing the optimum refractive correction. Also, I provide my own experiences of making sure your glasses meet or exceed...

  • Webinar 005 - Non-tolerance

    I describe the different types of non-tolerance, the types of symptoms people complain off and how to deal with them. Realising that the patient has been courageous in returning and that you have been given a second chance is important. Accepting that a mistake has been made is necessary in order...

  • Webinar 006 - Be Kind in Practice

    I describe the benefits from being kind to your staff and anyone that comes into your practice, provide examples of unkind/thoughtless behaviour and examples of kind/thoughtful behaviour.

    Being kind to your staff takes little effort but brings rewards of increased morale and happiness, less abs...