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PRE002 Brückner test-assessment binocular fixation using a direct ophthalmoscope

Pre-refraction procedures • 21s

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    Useful in paediatric cases when the patient is not co-operative enough for a cover test, especially when the clinician needs to differentiate between pseudostrabismus and strabismus.

  • PRE004 Assessment of pupil function

    Assessment of pupil function can provide diagnostic information about the afferent and efferent neurological pathways responsible for pupillary and eyelid function.

  • PRE005 Cover-uncover test at distance

    The cover test is used to elicit the presence of heterotropia, heterophoria, orthotropia or orthophoria. It allows the direction of the deviation (horizontal, vertical, torsional or combination) to be determined and also whether it is unilateral or alternating, constant or intermittent and the ef...