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PRE006 Cover-uncover test at near

Pre-refraction procedures • 32s

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  • PRE007 Prism cover test

    Measuring eye deviation using the alternating cover test and prism bar. One or other eye is always covered during the test. To elicit the presence or absence of a heterophoria along with type of deviation (eso-, exo-, hyper- and cyclophoria), effect of refractive correction, accommodation and CHP...

  • PRE008 Near point of convergence

    The near point of convergence is the point where visual axes intersect under maximum convergence effort while binocular single vision is maintained. Some practitioners measure the near point of convergence routinely, but especially when a patent presents with near vision symptoms.

  • PRE010 Amplitude of accommodation

    This is a measure of the maximum amount of accommodation an individual can exert. It can be described as the dioptric distance between the near and far points of accommodation and is usually measured using the RAF rule. It should be conducted monocularly and binocularly and may be repeated two or...