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PRE010 Amplitude of accommodation

Pre-refraction procedures • 21s

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  • PRE011 TNO test

    The measurement of stereoacuity is important as it gives an indication of the integrity of the binocular visual system. When the level of stereoacuity is within expected ranges then normal motor and sensory function are present. It is particularly useful for evaluating binocular vision in childre...

  • PRE012 Oculomotility

    It is useful to test oculomotility (smooth pursuit eye movements) for a whole range of reasons but in particular when a patients presents with diplopia, there are symptoms such as eye pain when looking away from the primary position of gaze and when there is a reading difficulty which is unlikely...

  • PRE013 Cover test with oculo-motility...

    The alternating cover test in the primary position allows comparison of the primary and secondary angles of deviation. Repeating the alternating cover test in the extreme positions of gaze will cause the size of the dissociated deviation to increase in the direction of the affected muscle(s).