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PRE012 Oculomotility

Pre-refraction procedures • 41s

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  • PRE013 Cover test with oculo-motility...

    The alternating cover test in the primary position allows comparison of the primary and secondary angles of deviation. Repeating the alternating cover test in the extreme positions of gaze will cause the size of the dissociated deviation to increase in the direction of the affected muscle(s).

  • PRE014 Measurement of interpupillary ...

    Interpupillary distance is the distance measured in millimetres between the centres of the pupils of the eyes. This measurement is different from person to person and also depends on whether the patient is looking at distance or near. Consideration of interpupillary distance helps ensure that len...

  • PRE015 Trial frame set up

    The trial frame has to be adjusted for an appropriate vertex distance, inter-pupillary distance and it ensure it sits straight on the nose and comfortably behind the ears. The patient must be looking through the centre of the lens.