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SBV003 Accommodative facility

Specialist Binocular Vision • 26s

Up Next in Specialist Binocular Vision

  • SBV004 Bagolini lenses

    Each plane glass lens has fine parallel striations inscribed onto the surface orientated at 45 degrees on one lens and 135 degrees on the other. A spotlight is converted into a line image seen at 90 degrees to the striations when viewed through the lenses. The test is useful with differential dia...

  • SBV005 Eccentric fixation

    Shine a Visuscope beam target through the pupil of the suspect eye and cover over the patient’s good eye with a hand. Focus the Visuscope target on to the retina and ask the patient to look at the centre of this target. Compare the position of patient’s foveal reflex with the centre of the target...

  • SBV006 Jump convergence

    This test provides further information about the vergence system and is especially useful for those patients that have with symptoms associated with near work.