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FI007 Visual field analysis patient set up

Further Investigation Procedures • 44s

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  • FI008 Fusional reserves

    The amount of fusional vergence that can be exerted to maintain clear and single binocular vision. Components of fusional vergence are: Sensory fusion - the ability to appreciate two similar images, one formed on each retina and interpret them as a single image. Motor fusion - the maintenance of ...

  • FI009 Ishihara colour vision test

    This test consists of a series of plates designed to provide a quick and accurate assessment of colour vision deficiency of congenital origin. Most cases are characterised by a red or green deficiency.

  • FI010 City University colour vision test

    The test comprises selected paper colour samples. On each page, four colour samples surround a central spot and the subject must choose the one that most closely resembles the colour of the central spot. Each page provides possible protan, deutan or tritan confusions that may be mixed with a norm...