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BVA-000b-Alternating cover test

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BVA-000a-Cover-uncover test

The Art of Investigating Binocular Vision Anomalies • 41s

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  • BVA-000b-Alternating cover test

    Cover remains over RE for 2-3 seconds and quickly moved across the bridge of the nose to cover LE. As the cover leaves RE, this eye is observed for any heterophoria. LE is occluded for 2-3 seconds and the occluder is quickly moved across the nose to cover RE with the uncovered LE observed for any...

  • BVA-001-Fully accommodative alternati...

    This patient has a fully accommodative alternating esotropia. Without glasses, a cover-uncover test at distance and near reveals an alternating esotropia. With a hyperopic prescription in place a small (approximately 4Δ) esophoria with good recovery is observed at distance and near.

  • BVA-002-Duane’s retraction syndrome T...

    With the patient looking to left the right eye palpebral aperture narrows due to globe retraction. There is also slight to moderate limitation of right eye on adduction. Globe retraction is even more obvious when looking from the side.